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Renting the Tai Chi Center

Contact: Doug Brown, Phone: 608-663-8299. 
Email: Doug@taichicenterofmadison.com
Office/Mail: 5313 Fairway Dr., Madison WI  53711
The Tai Chi Center of Madison: 301 S. Bedford St., #219  Madison, WI 53703

The Tai Chi Center, located in the Bedford Square Building just west of the Monona Terrace Convention Center on Monona Bay, is a simply and consciously maintained sanctuary for a variety of quiet and healing activities. In addition to a number of tai chi classes each week, several groups meet at the Center on a regular basis, including Zen sitting and archery, shamanic drumming, dance, and qigong classes. Weekends are available for workshops. Our space is used for shamanic trainings, yoga retreats, Sufi workshops, days of mindfulness, celebrations, ceremonies, and seminars in personal growth, bodywork, movement, and healing.301 South Bedford

The Center is a nurturing and inviting space. The main room spans 1,500 square feet and has natural, soft lighting, inspirational artwork, and comfortable seating. The entry area has ample room for coats and shoes, a display table, and an area where participants can serve themselves tea or coffee. A separate sitting room offers a cozy and more private area to sit or lie down.

corner altarThe following is available at no extra cost to rental groups: Card tables; display tables; clipboards; chairs; stools; individual mats and rugs; pillows; platforms; three large mirrors on wheels; and a hot water pot, ceramic cups, teas, and coffees. A VCR and monitor are available for an additional cost.
The Center is available for rent many weekends, weekday mornings and afternoons, and a limited number of weekday evenings.

If you are interested in renting the Tai Chi Center, contact Doug Brown: Phone: 608-663-8299. Email: Doug@taichicenterofmadison.com
Office/Mail: 5313 Fairway Dr., Madison WI  53711